Woo Hoo!

You’re on your way to accessing the power of your Akashic Record!


Before you go…here’s a special VIP Upgrade you’re going to LOVE!


This VIP Upgrade includes…


  • The Akashic Record Rundown ($594 Value)

A live Q&A with Tammy for you to ask any questions you have about accessing and working with your Akashic Record, giving you time to go into them before the call on Monday, December 27th at 7 pm EST.

This live call will be up to 2 hours and help you work through any situations, obstacles or stuck spots you may have which is common when you first start accessing your Akashic Record when getting acclimated to using this vast amount of knowledge and information that is now available to you.

If you are already familiar with accessing and working with your Akashic Record, you can use this time to ask any questions you may have allowing you to take your understanding and results to the next level.

*Included: you’ll receive a replay of the live call to refer back to.

  • Private 1:1 Session with Tammy ($297 Value)

In this session, you’ll receive support in clarifying what you are experiencing in your Akashic Record.

Tammy will help you go deeper into and understand any story you have questions about or she can perform healing work for you as she accesses your Akashic Record.

What will be most helpful to you at the time, you’ll have this 60 minutes of private time with Tammy to gain more clarity, confidence and experience amplified results through the power of accessing and working with your Akashic Record.

*Included: you’ll receive an audio recording of your session.

This ONE TIME special VIP Upgrade (a total value of almost $900) is ONLY


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