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Here are your links for your Akashic Record VIP Upgrade.

  • To join the Akashic Record Rundown on Monday, December 27th from 7 pm to 9 pm EST, and receive the replay, click here.

*If you end up being unable to attend live, you can submit your questions within 72 hours of the event (no sooner please) and they will be added to the questions that time allows for answering. Priority will be given to those who are live and then submitted questions will be answered as time allows.


  • To schedule your Private 1:1 Session with Tammy, click here.

*You can schedule your Private 1:1 Session with Tammy as part of this VIP Upgrade until 1/21/22 to provide time for you to explore your Akashic Record or you can choose to have your session right away. Either way, please schedule your session by 1/21/22 and use the 100% discount Coupon Code: VIPUPGRADE before it expires on that date. After that date, it returns to its regular investment price.


  • To go to The Key to Your Akashic Record Program, click here.


  • To go to the Akashic Record VIP Upgrade where these links are, and the replay access will be, click here.