Your soul came into this physical plane to experience itself through your five senses, your emotions, your thoughts, and the contrast of this world that can only be experienced in human form.

It expected every part of it to be MAGNIFICENT because it knows we are divine in truth.

Part of what we are here to experience is to understand ourselves better through relationships with others in our individuated state, so as we continue to move into higher frequency ways of living, community is a key element in our spiritual growth and expansion, both individually and collectively.

There is so much Us and Them separation and disconnection energy going on in the world that finding your “tribe” is what reminds us that we are not here alone, nor are we on this journey of life, through all of its waves of ups and downs.

It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so who you surround yourself and associate with matters in living the life you desire most to live.

When you are part of a community of others who are on a similar path of growth, evolution, and expansion, it is easier to sustain and achieve more of what you want.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, experiencing spirits, energy, and having unexplainable experiences as a child, I had no one to share it with, so I create spaces now to connect with others who are conscious of who they are in ways I was unable to then.

Community elevates us, inspires us, holds us, and reminds us who we are and what is possible.

There are so many communities out there, so choosing which you participate in is powerful…

Because you show up with more of your energy and effort.

It feels pleasurable to be a part of the space and it supports you in staying in the higher frequencies you want to create your life from.

And, to take it beyond just having a space to connect with kindred souls, it is meant to keep us in higher frequency energies so that our point of attraction is at the level we want it to be to experience what we desire,

Your vibrational frequency is your point of attraction…what you experience as the people and circumstances of your life.

What is your frequency set to?

Being in a high frequency vibration that allows you to align with the experiences, people, and even tangible things you desire to have in your life is the added energy for choosing to be part of a community space.

Consciously creating and holding the higher frequency energies so that there is greater growth, evolution, and expansion for the members is significant and makes a difference in the level and quality of life that each experiences and that ripples out into the collective energy, to uplift it, as well.

It’s time to live the next higher version of your highest self expression and align more clearly with your soul’s desired journey in this physical experience.

When you stay connected with this space of high frequency energies, it is easier, smoother, and even quicker to experience more of what you desire in your…

Relationships ~ elevate and attract more love into your life… intimately and with family, friends, socially, in business and career, and more kindred souls

$ Finances ~ feel and know you’re more wealthy and abundant because that’s where it starts, not just as the physical proof of money although that will increase as well

Health ~ be in a greater state of well-being and wholeness mentally, emotionally, and physically for higher quality and enjoyment of your life

∞ Spiritual Growth and Development ~ open yourself to higher and higher levels of intuition, connection with higher guidance, and tuning into your soul and Source to be living from that level of understanding over your human conditioning

In what ways do you keep your point of attraction aligned with what you want in your life, especially when it is on a new higher frequency?

Having a community and space to call “home” and come to when you want to feel vibrationally uplifted, connected, and charged up with higher frequency energies so that your life truly is one of your conscious creation, join us in the Live Your Highest Vibration Community.

Where you will experience:

  Monthly Live Vibration Elevation Session that raises your frequency and trains your energy and body to hold higher frequencies from which you experience your life and everything in it

Ω  Monthly Vortex of Creation Circle  where, while in the highest frequency of love and appreciation, you’ll share your desires, dreams, and creations directly into Source Creation Energy for them to manifest beyond what you imagine into your reality

Φ  Weekly Inspirational and Vibration Lifting Posts to keep you thinking and feeling into what you desire, what frequency you are on, and remembering what is possible for you, including a Higher Guidance Q&A to receive personalized responses from me

∆  High Frequency Masterclasses to work with the teaching and energetic materials for mastering areas of your life for healing emotional attachments, connecting with higher energies and beings, and consciously creating more of what you want. There is a new one each month plus bonus ones added.

Ω  Additional Surprise Energetic Offerings as I’m intuitively guided to share

Φ  Member Specials on other offerings

Ϫ  Being part of a high frequency space of creation, possibility, and potentiality when you are actively in the community and out with you in your daily life

♦  PLUS until April 9th, you can access the Energy Calibration that calibrates your energy to create balance and alignment with your physical body’s frequency and that of the expanded energetic side of you to bring a new level of peace, calm, and equilibrium for you, particularly after the seasonal changes of the Equinox.

 Unique to my spaces is that you are included energetically and vibrationally in the Lives and everything whether you are live or you access the replays, which will remain in the community so you can access any of them whenever you’d like.


You’ll experience all of this and more for only $36 per month…


► But since I am just opening this new space up, you can join for the special energetic exchange of only $18 per month.


** As the community grows and I am guided to offer more, the monthly investment may increase, but whatever you are locked in at will remain as long as you are a current member.




Please be aware that:

This is a monthly membership space and automatically renews each month until you cancel it. There’s no long term commitment, you just stay as long as it feels good to you and you are experiencing what you desire in your life.

You can choose to cancel at anytime and you’ll have access to the membership community and materials as long as you are an active member. If you cancel your membership, you will remain active throughout the entire month cycle you are already in. Please be aware that there are no refunds or prorations, so be sure to cancel before your next billing cycle begins. 

Also, your monthly investment will remain the same as long as you are an active member. If you cancel and choose to return, your monthly investment will be whatever it is currently, not necessarily the same investment you received before.