Three (3) Masterclass Bundle

Choose 3 from these Masterclasses:

¤  Ancestral Lineage Release Masterclass
¤  Clearing Your Birth Energy Masterclass

¤  Expanding Your Consciousness Masterclass
¤  Heal Your Emotional Wounds & Attachments Masterclass
¤  Love Yourself Masterclass
¤  Manifest Your Desires Masterclass
¤  The Power of Forgiveness Masterclass
¤  Time Travel for Healing & Inner Peace Masterclass
¤  Understanding Your Energy Masterclass
¤  You are a Channel Masterclass
¤  Your Energetic Board of Directors Masterclass
¤  Your Wealth Mindset Shift Masterclass
¤  Your Vibrational Frequency Masterclass

♦  Once your order is processed, you’ll receive access to the 3 Masterclasses you choose. Please allow up to 24 hours for full processing to occur.



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