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In the Ultimate Life & Vibration Upgrade Package, you’ll received unlimited access to:


Masterclass Library:

A library of Masterclasses that include high frequency, foundational teachings on a variety of energetic, metaphysical, and spiritual topics, that include…your energy and vibration, manifesting your desires, healing emotional wounds and your child self, expanding your consciousness, connecting with higher beings/guides/spirits, accessing your wealth frequency, birth clearing, and more. It all supports you in living the highest expression of yourself from a new, divine level perspective and vibration. Each Masterclass has an energetic Activation and exercise included to implement, amplify and solidify the teaching shared in it.


In these Masterclasses, you’ll experience higher level teachings to…


Consciously Create Your Life

Understanding Your Energy ~ Embracing Your Human and Spiritual Sides

Your Vibrational Frequency ~ Its Importance in Creating the Life You Desire
Manifest Your Desires ~ You are a powerful creator and manifestor!
Your Wealth Mindset Shift ~ Connecting with Your Wealth Frequency


Connect and Communicate with Higher Beings and Energies

Expanding Your Consciousness ~ Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Physical

You are a Channel ~ Open Yourself to Communicating with Higher Beings and Energies
Your Energetic Board of Directors ~ Receiving Wisdom from the Great Minds
Calling Heaven ~ Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side


Heal Your Past

Ancestral Lineage Release ~ Free yourself from the Generational Energies that you still carry
Clearing Your Birth Energy ~ Resetting the Energy of Your Entry into this World
Love Yourself ~ Connect with Your Body and Prioritize Self Love
The Power of Forgiveness ~ Releasing the Weight YOU Carry
Heal Your Emotional Wounds & Attachments ~ And be Free to go Vibrationally Higher
Time Travel for Healing & Inner Peace ~ Healing Your Child Self and Connecting with Your Future Self


Each Masterclass invites you to expand your understanding of the topic and provides energetic processes for you to activate them within you at a deeper level so that you can live them in your life.


You can review the included Masterclasses here.



You’ll also receive…


Guided Audios and Meditations:

∞ The Divine Enfolding Technique
∞ Calling Heaven: Talk to Your Loved Ones on the Other Side
∞ Awakening the Core Essence Activation and Journey to Your Soul Guided Exercise
∞ Guided Meditations


Bonus Channeled Energy Techniques:

∞ Energy Calibration
∞ Ultimate Divine Trust Activation
∞ Divine Love & Appreciation Frequency Calibration
∞ Higher Dimension Connection Activation
∞ Ancestral Lineage Release


Plus more…


A Total Value of $3,663



All of this will enhance, elevate, and amplify your vibration, growth, and expansion in your life and in the ways you experience and consciously create it!




Due to the digital nature of this program/product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no refunds. All payments must be completed if you choose the payment plan.