Relax. Rejuvenate. Release.


Enter this space where the focus is on you feeling safe and secure, to lean back and allow the heaviness of this physical world to be lifted and the love from which you come be what nourishes you.

The human side of you looks for safety, security, and certainty, while the higher spiritual side of you understands your limitless perfection and ability to grow through the human experience of life’s uncomfortable experiences and challenges.

You’ve been through so much in your life and there are parts of your experiences that linger within your energy system…your mental, emotional and physical bodies…that continue to influence the way you experience your life today.

It isn’t necessary to carry these heavy energies with you any longer.

They were meant to be part of your journey and what your soul desired for you to experience, but the human side often holds onto these energies far longer than is necessary, so it is time to process through them fully to satisfy your soul and then let them finally go.

Come into the Temple of Divine Healing, the safe, comforting space where deeper healing is easy so that you can experience higher levels of health and wealth in all areas of your life as your natural state of being.

It is your natural state of being to be healthy, wealthy and filled with joy.

It isn’t that it has been taken from you, but rather selectively “hidden” to be uncovered and awakened within you again. In this high frequency energetic space, you’ll safely uncover and unravel the streams of old patterns, beliefs and conditioning that hold emotional attachments that feel constrictive and no longer resonate at the new frequencies of the life you desire to live.

You’ll open yourself to the magic, miracles and wonder that the universe holds for you and allow it to enter into your every day experiences in more overflowingly abundant ways.

Nothing in this universe is withheld from you and it is time for you to claim the wealth of life that is the present you can be living now.

Being conscious of your healing journey releases stuck and stagnant energies that have you feeling that the life you desire is inaccessible to you. It is all here, ready and waiting for you to move through what has yet to be fully processed so that you can express and experience yourself in new higher level ways.

Imagine it as a divine, high frequency spa that is all for and about YOU!


Healing the lower layers opens you up to new higher levels.


What Tammy’s client, Randie R, shares about her experience…



Join us in the Temple of Higher Healing membership to experience all of this and more!



Membership in the Temple of Higher Healing includes:

√ Weekly guided session audio for deep healing in the temple energy with me that are shared in the AM Eastern time ($333 each value)

√ A Private community with kindred souls for additional support, sharing, encouragement and just being witnessed with love as you move through the energy and shifts you experience (Priceless)

Receiving and being part of this high frequency energy and space ALL OF THE TIME…when you are consciously participating in it and when you are out living your daily life (Priceless)

√ Monthly membership in a Private Facebook Community with two monthly energy Lives, weekly inspiration to keep you conscious of your frequency, and access to a prerecorded Masterclass with high vibrational teachings to experience the shifts you desire in your life (Priceless)


Bonuses for additional higher frequency support while you are in the Temple membership:

∞ Ultimate Divine Trust Activation ~ Make your choices from the highest level of Trust with your Self, your Soul and Source knowing you are supported in your life ($198 value)

∞ Divine Love & Appreciation Frequency Calibration ~ Living from and embodying the frequency of Love & Appreciation is the highest vibration and creates the experiences you desire to have in your life ($198 value)

∞ Energy Calibration ~ Align and balance your physical body’s vibrational frequency with the higher vibrational frequency point that the energetic part of you is already elevating to at a quicker rate, particularly beneficial during the seasonal changes of the quarterly Equinox and Solstice ($198 value)

∞ Ancestral Lineage Release ~ Release the old energies and patterns that have been brought down through your family line to you and stop them from continuing throughout all the generations and shift the energy in your now ($198 value)

∞ Higher Dimension Connection Activation ~ Become more connected and settled into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional energies so that you can easily and consciously live and play in them as you desire ($198 value)

∞ The Power of Forgiveness ~ Releasing the weight YOU carry…a powerful way to heal emotional wounds and release lower level emotional attachments is through forgiveness ($198 value)


♥ You receive immediate access to all Bonuses!


This is a monthly membership space and automatically renews each month, or three (3) months, until you cancel it. There’s no long term commitment, you just stay as long as it feels good to you and you are experiencing results you desire in your life.

You can choose to cancel at anytime and you’ll have access to the Temple of Divine Healing membership materials and private spaces as long as you are an active member. If you cancel your membership, you will remain active throughout the entire month cycle you are already in. Please be aware that there are no refunds or prorations, so be sure to cancel before your next billing cycle begins. 

Also, your monthly, or three (3) month, investment will remain the same as long as you are an active member. If you cancel and choose to return, your monthly, or three (3) month, investment will be whatever it is currently, not necessarily the same investment you received before.


PLEASE BE AWARE that the investment may increase without notice, so lock it in for yourself now.