Connect and collaborate with your soul for your best life

It began in 2012, when I invited in my own modality of energy work. 

Mary Magdalene came to me and shared this powerful Activation.

One that had been waiting to be brought forth from its dormancy and shared with the world.

Fast forward to now…with all that we have been through since 2012, this is the season of Awakening the Core Essence.

Now is the time to make contact with your Soul and access the knowledge and knowing that is yours to fully express and experience your divine purpose.

To know what your Soul desires on this journey and to collaborate with it for a more fulfilling, splendid, and extraordinary life.

Being that you are experiencing this information means that YOUR Core Essence is awakening and ready to be activated to fully expand at this time.

It is an honor to share this with you and NOW is the time to awaken YOUR Core Essence!


∞ This Activation is shared as guided audio recordings offered in a way that you can access each part…the information, the Activation, and connecting with your Soul…separately for ease of reference.

∞ You receive unlimited access to the guided audios and the profound information within them.


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