Masterclass – Ancestral Lineage Release

You may not even realize what you carry that has been passed down to you through your family line on either or both of your parent’s sides of the family.

You don’t just carry traits like eye color, hair color, height and genetics from your parents and ancestors, you also carry their heavy energies around money, relationships, parenting, beliefs and more.

When you release the old energies and patterns that have been brought down through your family line to you, you can stop them from continuing and even shift the energy of those who come after you (your children), your siblings, and back up through and to each of your ancestors who carried this energy as well all the way back to where it originated.

This changes how you experience your life now where there were once limitations created before you, you can now experience freedom. Not only do you set yourself free of those old and heavy energies, but you set everyone else before and after you free as well.



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